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Apr 19

A New Adventure, pt. 5

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Apr 18

Advice: Readers Stop After Third Chapter


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ficlet: tinkering troubles


So silver wanted the Doctor or Rose teaching a child something. I, uh, sort of had Rose teaching the Doctor something about children. Close enough, yes?

All ages || Fluff || Ten(Too)/Rose


“Rooooose,” the Doctor calls through the TARDIS.

Hearing her reply, he almost runs into the galley, and huffs at his wife, “Why is our daughter pulling apart my hair dryer?”

Turning to him and crossing her arms, Rose raises an eyebrow, saying, “Our daughter is pulling apart your hair dryer because someone insisted on teaching her about the wonders of tinkering.”

The Doctor tugs his ear and explains, “But Rose, tinkering is a time honoured and well respected practice among the…”

Trailing off at her stare, he scratches the back of his head and waits. Rose smirks and says, “It might be, but I have enough troubles with a tinkering husband. So since that certain someone decided our daughter doesn’t need supervision while she’s tinkering, well, seems only fair if his electronics are used for her practice.”

He looks at the way Rose stands, her position in the kitchen, finally noticing the mess on the cupboards and the Doctor gulps. Stepping backwards, he hits a wall he was sure used to be the door and asks, “Uh, she, erm, she got to the new blender, didn’t she?”

Walking towards the newly made door next to her, Rose looks over her shoulder, grinning, and says, “Yep. And for every appliance she messes with in here, I’m giving her one of yours to pull apart next.”

Eight/Rose AU: Oral sex.

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Apr 17

 After a bit too much jiggery pokery, Jackie’s telly starts picking up a signal from an alternate universe, where a pop star named Billie Piper bears an uncanny resemblance to Rose.

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April 15, 2014.

She’s so pretty it actually hurts 

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